ORDINANCE 4-2017



1.       Title. Fire Number Reimbursement


2.       Purpose. The purpose of this ordinance is to allow the Town of Smelser to be reimbursed for the cost of fire number signs and related materials that are required to post the fire number sign that are not covered under the driveway permitting process. This is for initial fire sign and materials only.


3.       Applicability. The requirements of this ordinance shall apply to all persons within the Town of Smelser.


4.       Administration. The provisions of this ordinance shall be administered by the Town Board of the Town of Smelser. Town treasurer will forward bill to property owner who will have 30 days to pay bill. If not paid it will be added as a special assessment on the real estate tax roll.


5.       This ordinance shall take effect May 1, 2017.



Dated this 13th day of April, 2017.








Town Clerk


  Recycling Collection will be on Thursdays of every other week, as noted below

 January 5, 19                February 2, 16             March  2, 16, 30           April 13,27

May 11, 25                    June 8, 22                    July 7*, 20,                   August 3, 17, 31

Sept 14, 28                    October 12, 26            November 9, 24*          December 7, 21

* denotes schedule changes during holiday weeks

  Independence Day collection will be Friday, July 7th

 Thanksgiving collection will be on Friday, November 24th

Please have items out for collection by 7:00 am.


Appliances - Tires - Used motor oil - Lead acid batteries

Wet paint - Yard waste - Electronics (TV's, computer components,

fax machines, DVD players, VCR's and DVR's)

For more information contact (608) 348-9586

Additional information can be found at


PLASTICS                            Household container plastics #1 through #7 are recyclable. Plastic bags(grocery,

                                         newspaper, etc.-no black or brown bags) that are clean and dry should be                                                          placed inside a clear or transparent bag and tied shut; full bag should be no larger                                            than a basketball. Plastic items that are not recyclable include: Formed                                                              styrofoam peanuts and oil bottles.

METALS                               Tin and aluminum food, beverage and aerosol cans can be recycled. They should                                                be empty and the plastic tops removed. Cardboard sided juice cans and paints                                                 cans are not  recyclable. Small items of scrap metal may also be recycled (pots,                                                 pans, toasters, etc), nothing smaller than 2 inches or larger than a basketball and                                               weighing more than 10 lbs.

GLASS                                   Green, brown, blue and clear bottles and jars only. Windows, mirrors,                                                                 glassware,ceramics and light bulbs are not recyclable.

PAPER                                   Newspaper, magazines, office paper, phone books, paper milk and and juice                                                     carton and junk mail should be placed loose in the recycling bin. Tissue or paper                                               towels, food and candy wrappers are not recyclable. Gift wrapping paper (non-foil                                            type) is also recyclable.

CARDBOARD                         All cardboard boxes including paperboard (cereal boxes, etc) are recyclable. Wax                                              and plastic coated cardboard are not recyclable. Please flatten boxes; pieces                                                      should be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet.

                                      Recyclables may be mixed in clear or transparent bags and placed in bins.

                                                Drivers look for the bins to determine if a stop is needed.

Please rinse containers.

Preparing recyclables correctly is important for the Recycling Centers

automated single-stream sorting process. Proper preparation ensures that recyclables will not

be land filled, helping keep your communities' cost down. 




Please take notice that the Town of Smelser, Grant County, WI enacted Ordinance 9(1)-2013, entitled Citation Ordinance, on September 12, 2013. The purpose of this ordinance is to authorize the Town Board of the Town of Smelser, or its designees, to issue citations for violations of Town of Smelser ordinances, including ordinances with statutory counterparts. The full text of Ordinance 9(1)-2013 may be obtained at the town clerk’s office at 1499 Mill Road, Cuba City, WI. For additional information contact the Town Clerk at (608)744-8732.


Kim Kieler, Clerk



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Smelser, Grant County, WI enacted Ordinance 9(2)-2013, entitled Non-Metallic Mine Operator’s License Ordinance, on September 12, 2013. The ordinance outlines the purpose and authority and licensing/application process along with the minimum standards of operation. The full text of Ordinance 9(2)-2013 may be obtained by contacting the clerk at (608)744-8732.


Kim Kieler,Clerk


May 4, 2014, 9:13 AM