Southwest Regional Planning and ADRC are hosting an event on Volunteer Driving on Monday, October 14, 2019 

at Karla's Kitchen (103 N.Madison St., Lancaster,WI) at 5:30PM. Hear what Volunteer driving is and what volunteer

drivers do for your community, AND how you can help. RSVP to Kristina at (608) 348-5055. 



STATE OF EMERGENCY  - Town of Smelser


WHEREAS, significant and inordinate damages from severe weather and flooding exist in the Town of Smelser in Grant County, Wisconsin


WHEREAS, said disruptions and circumstances have the capacity to and are significantly affecting lives, property, and other infrastructure, and


WHEREAS, the Town Board is unable to meet with promptness due to said emergency conditions, and

WHEREAS, the Township has committed and expended all of their available resources, and


WHEREAS, The Township is requesting state and federal government assistance in mitigating, responding to, and recovering from said emergency, now


THEREFORE, pursuant to Chapter 323 of the Wisconsin Statutes, I do hereby declare that a state of emergency exists in the Town of Smelser in Grant County, Wisconsin and commit all Town resources to the mitigation, response, and recovery from the affecting circumstances, and


FURTHER, direct the Director of the Department of Grant County Emergency Management to notify the Governor of Wisconsin through the State Office of Emergency Management of said State of Emergency in the Town of Smelser and procure available state resources as may be deemed appropriate by them.



Signed this13th day of September, 2019.                                    Tom Riniker

                                                                                                Town Chair






                                                                                                Kim Kieler

                                                                                                Town Clerk


                                                                                                Received this 13day of September, 2019


 *Free Resources Available to Assist Farmers through Wisconsin Farm Center*

Good morning, land stewards.

We have recently heard from farmers who have had to make some very difficult and
stressful farming decisions. The Wisconsin Farm Center, housed at the Department of
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, offers free services to farm families in
need of advice about farm finances, farm succession planning, farm business entry or
exit strategies, and other critical issues.

Since you all work very closely with farmers and the farm community, and often hear
from them when they are in need of help, I wanted to share the following information
and ask that you pass it along.

All farmers are eligible to contact Farm Center staff consultants through the *Farm
Center Helpline at 1-800-942-2474*. All of the Farm Centers services are free and

The *Wisconsin Farm Center* works with farmers one-on-one to provide *_free and
confidential_* services, including:

  * farm financial consulting 
  * farm succession planning 
  * farm business entry or exit strategies 
  * mediation and arbitration 
  * critical economic and business management issues 
  * other issues (herd health, specialty crop questions) 

As the downturn in the agricultural sector lengthens, the Farm Center has seen an
increase in stress levels among farmers. Dairy currently tops the type of farm
calling the Farm Center Helpline, with a majority of callers concerned about
finances. Stress is a major underlying factor, and Farm Center staff regularly gauge
a callers need for counseling vouchers, which are provided at no cost.

  * Farm Center Helpline: 1-800-942-2474 
  * Farm Center website: [ ] 

Please share information about the Wisconsin Farm Center with farmers who can benefit.




The communities below have permanent drop off sites for your old or unwanted medications. Items that are accepted at all four sites without calling ahead are: pills/capsules (prescription and over the counter) and sealed medicine powder packets (place packets in a sealed Ziploc type bag).

Platteville: The Platteville Police Department at 164 North Fourth Street. The items are accepted 7 days a week        /24 hours a day. However, liquids, lotions, ointments, and patches are accepted only if they are securely             sealed in a Ziploc type bag, one bottle per bag. (608)348-2313.

Muscoda: The Muscoda Police Department at 206 North Wisconsin Avenue. Medications can be dropped off          whenever village hall is open. Call ahead to drop off liquids. (608)739-3144.

Lancaster: Lancaster Police Department Lobby. Medication is accepted 7 days a week/24 hours a day. Drop off      pills in their original containers or seal the pills in a Ziploc type bag. Call ahead for liquids, lotions,                    ointments, and patches. Please securely seal these items in a Ziploc type bag, one bottle per bag. (608)723-      4188.

Fennimore: Memorial Building, 860 Lincoln Avenue. Medication is accepted whenever Memorial Building is            open. Call ahead for liquids. (608)822-3215

Dickeyville: The Dickeyville Police Department at 500 East Avenue. (608)568-7284


Thermometers-Hydrogen Peroxide-Inhalers-Bloody or Infectious Waste-Needles (sharps) Auto Injectors-Aerosol Cans



  Recycling Collection will be on Thursdays of every other week, as noted below

 January 4*, 17, 31        February 14, 28            March  14, 28                April 11, 25

May 9, 23                      June 6, 20                    July 5*, 18                     August 1, 15, 29

Sept 12, 26                    October 10, 24            November 7, 21          December 5, 19

* denotes schedule changes during holiday weeks

 Due to New Year's Day collection will be January 4th

 Due to Independence Day collection will be Friday, July 5th


Please have items out for collection by 7:00 am.


Appliances - Tires - Used motor oil - Lead acid batteries

Wet paint - Yard waste - Electronics (TV's, computer components,

fax machines, DVD players, VCR's and DVR's)

For more information contact (608) 348-9586

Additional information can be found at


PLASTICS                            Household container plastics #1 through #7 are recyclable. Plastic bags(grocery,

                                         newspaper, etc.-no black or brown bags) that are clean and dry should be                                                          placed inside a clear or transparent bag and tied shut; full bag should be no larger                                            than a basketball. Plastic items that are not recyclable include: Formed                                                              styrofoam peanuts and oil bottles.

METALS                               Tin and aluminum food, beverage and aerosol cans can be recycled. They should                                                be empty and the plastic tops removed. Cardboard sided juice cans and paints                                                 cans are not  recyclable. Small items of scrap metal may also be recycled (pots,                                                 pans, toasters, etc), nothing smaller than 2 inches or larger than a basketball and                                               weighing more than 10 lbs.

GLASS                                   Green, brown, blue and clear bottles and jars only. Windows, mirrors,                                                                 glassware,ceramics and light bulbs are not recyclable.

PAPER                                   Newspaper, magazines, office paper, phone books, paper milk and and juice                                                     carton and junk mail should be placed loose in the recycling bin. Tissue or paper                                               towels, food and candy wrappers are not recyclable. Gift wrapping paper (non-foil                                            type) is also recyclable.

CARDBOARD                         All cardboard boxes including paperboard (cereal boxes, etc) are recyclable. Wax                                              and plastic coated cardboard are not recyclable. Please flatten boxes; pieces                                                      should be no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet.

                                      Recyclables may be mixed in clear or transparent bags and placed in bins.

                                                Drivers look for the bins to determine if a stop is needed.

Please rinse containers.

Preparing recyclables correctly is important for the Recycling Centers

automated single-stream sorting process. Proper preparation ensures that recyclables will not

be land filled, helping keep your communities' cost down. 


May 4, 2014, 9:13 AM